Hi!    ^_^

Welcome to my site. My name is Sangeeth and I spend time designing things. If you're in need of some seriously impressive bespoke design work, or just want to shoot the breeze about something you like (such as refresh icon) , I'm your person.

If you're wondering why the site is called Design Saga, I'm sure I can tell you someday. Over coffee. Overlooking a nice vista (such as a mountain). Preferably with snacks nearby.

What I do. When I'm not at the office.

Web design

I make sustainable websites that consistently get the best page scores on google. Being platform agnostic, means I do equally as well on static sites from scratch as I do on webflow or wordpress.


Look. There is nothing more satisfying than a nicely made wireframe. The dream is design that just works™. :-3


I love finding holistic solutions to things. Got issues that have you stumped? I’m your guy. I can also show you:

  • The preferred method of getting out of a zoom call.
  • The wonders of modern search engines and AI.
  • Why you should not say chai tea. stop it.
  • The dangers of using comic sans.
  • The art of email design
  • List making.


I (try to) blog (when possible). Here's a link to the latest: As of 01 May
My *world changing, life altering* novel is being worked on too (it is going slower than the blog, but I take solace in the fact that Rome took at least two days to build).

Lists of things

Certain things I have done // do

  • Emigreat - A Swedish emigration solution's logo
  • Rang - Chalmers uni's Indian organization's logo
  • Esam - A Swedish consultancy's site rework
  • Client site & email hosting / management
  • Custom PC builds
  • Lost instagram followers due to a love of puns in my stories